Saturday, January 30, 2010


Okay so I'm single again. Yay?! To be honest I'm happy that I'm single. I like to be single. I don't have to worry about guys going behind my back saying and constantely flirting with other girls. Which is absolutely great. And this also means I get another shot of finding an actual guy who loves me. And that's the most wonderful feeling. But the worst feeling there is is knowing that a relationship died because of one person. I understand that and it's alright, and it's not a crime. But sometimes you need go pick your words much much much more carefully. But whatever.

Okay so my AMAZING best friend is the happiest she can be with the man she loves and that gives me so much hope and tells me ILL be happy like that someday. But in the meanwhile I'm going to make myself happy as a person and human being. Because I am worth it and I am beautiful and I am a very good person and just because every guy I give a chance screws it up doesn't mean I just give up like that. I'm strong enough to do as a like. I make my own decisions. And this is one of them.

I don't need a man - a little scared boy- a boy to make me happy. It's jut not the way I am. I'm like a rock! :P. The more you try to break me the stronger I get. And I might crack while I get kicked around on the road but everyone does and it's natural and it's life and I have the right go be happy and NOT have to fake smile.

I'll admit it hurt a little READING those words. So cold and unfair. But I'm over it and I'm over him. This is time for second chances and opportunities. I'm going to smile.


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