Sunday, February 21, 2010


I feel alone. I feel half dead and like everything around me,
including me, is dying. Everything is becomming a routine. I keep
writing songs because they lift my spirits up and stuff. They keep me
going. If I didn't have music, I would be in Texas right now with
Nolan and Marissa bawling. I haven't cried in a while. Like, actually
cry. And I miss it. I'm like the most absolute strangest person living
on this planet. I'm so confused with what I want out of life. What am
I doing right now? Every little action I make I end up critizising
myself. I just, feel lonely. I need someone in my life to hold onto
right now. Somebody I can believe in and they believe in me. I've
noticed I DO have people I can talk to. And that, literally is such a
blessing. I love every single one of my friends and I can't thank them
enough for everything they do and have done for me. Really, thanks. I
love you guys.

Besides the whole lonliness part Ive been really happy thwlese past
few weeks. And that makes feel refreashed. I haven't been that happy
in a long time. Finally it's back. Finally IM back. I've been great,
in general. Most of it has to do with Miley to be completely honest.
Idk if you guys have noticed but, if she's pissed off then I'm pissed
off. If she's happy then I'm happy. If she's heartbroken I'm about to
go on over with junk food and a shovel and two pairs of gloves. Oh and
tissues fosho. But Liam is a great guy. He is so good to her and
she's the happiest she's been for a long long time. And that right
there is all I could ask for. My bestie to be happy with whom she
loves. That all I need. Beside food and that stuff.

Random stuff: so you know how in the movie Pride and Predjudice they
talk like, old time lingo? I SO want to! They sound so damn smart!
It's great! Anyways. That's all. I love you guys. I'll be tuhweeting
soon! Kaip! :)


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